Thursday, July 4, 2013

Six Most Important Reasons Why United States of America is one of a kind Amazing Place to Live on Earth

To America and American People with LOVE!!!

Created by Protected Foreigners in USA
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July 4th, 2013

Today we celebrate 4th of July, 2013 – The Independence Day. This is the most respected and valuable Holiday in America. We value and respect this day because it gave us the freedom to achieve our dreams. This freedom is to be protected, to stay protected, to have peace, to have the knowledge to achieve our goals without limits.  We created a list of six most important reasons why United States of America is one of a kind amazing place to live on Planet Earth:

1.  Freedom to reach the sky: You have heard it America is an amazing place where you can achieve your dreams. The principle here applies, the harder you work, the more you receive. America is a country of immigrants who never had a choice, future or a good life in their own countries. American government always strives for the best, the best laws to protect the civil rights of any person, the best immigration laws to protect the rights of any immigrant, the best products to be able to buy with affordable prices, the best companies to work for and get to the top as a CEO if you deserve it, the best fast cars to drive on on the fast huge highways created. There are no words to describe how excited we are to live in this Amazing Country. Every day the freedom to reach the sky is given to us thousands of times. When you wake up every day, you appreciate the place, the life you live in, the family you have, the friends you helped you out, the coworkers who support you. What more we can desire to achieve in America, as we have the old saying: We can reach the sky and the sky is the limit this is how we describe the life in America, the freedom given to every individual to advance in any stage of his/her life, to enjoy the country we live in and to desire to make it better;

2.  Justice for All: The American law system is the highest powerful and strongest system in the world. Americans love justice, justice to be achieved through everyone to receive the proper treatment. Every human being to be respected and valued not by the race, the color, the professional status, the age or if the person is disable. Every human being to be treated fairly without hurting, murdering, raping, stealing or any other crimes performed on other human being. This is the place where you will receive justice, where you are secure when you wake up tomorrow, your house will be there, your family will have food on the table, and your family will be alive and live in peace. Justice is served for all not only for human beings, for businesses and organizations but also for animals. We do have the most amazing system to protect animals from abusive owners, to care about your pet and receive the proper medical treatment, to protect animals brutally killed for years and create reservations for those animals to live free. Justice is also equally served in the environmental sectors where the environmental protection agencies have the freedom only in America to stop greedy capitalists and safe the Planet from more damages. In America justice is equally served for all Americans as we love to recycle our trash, we love and protect the environment we live in, as air, ground and water are equally protected and guarded from future damages. Justice is served for all children who have been abused, mistreated, manipulated, and exploited. Justice is served for all man and women who are lost in their lives, doing drugs and crime, abused and manipulated, exploited and mistreated;

3.    Protection by the Law from Private and Government Organizations: Private organizations compete to provide the best services possible in order for US citizens to be protected in their private and professional lives. Organizations specializing in security, special forces, boarder protection, law enforcement do not sleep and work 24 hours per day for the American citizens to have peace, safety, comfort and happiness the way it is today in 2013. Without those professional organizations and private companies Americans will not be able to sleep peacefully at night. Military and security personnel sacrifice their lives and time to catch sexual child predators, to catch financial criminals who exploit the trust of many Americans and abuse the law. The American Military and security organizations are on their alert day and night, catching cruel drug trafficking groups, gangsters and unlawful criminals who are interested in their own sick world without giving back to society without even thinking there is much better and safe way to do things in life;

4.  Economic Advancement – Americans love to innovate, create, build and develop. In America you will find support for the brilliant mind to create a robot to help the disable person in need. Support for the entrepreneur to create a company to provide food, shelter and money to disadvantaged areas on earth. Providing support for free medical treatment for disadvantaged, poor and disable people to be able to prolong their lives. Providing support for disadvantaged children who will need treatment and care for rest of their lives. The economic advancement in America is what brings so many foreigners in this country to compete and make this country wonderful place to live;

5.  Technological, Scientific and Medical Advancement – only in America innovations bring huge results, profit, capital and professional satisfaction. In areas as technology and medicine, Americans love to create, love to invent and manufacture new medical machines which can improve the level of life. Huge organizations like Microsoft and Apple are created from zero and everyone knows because of the ambition to bring better and comfortable life on Earth those organizations not only develop amazing products but help people around the world to make a living and work what they love. In science NASA possesses the brightest and the most creative individuals on earth who create, work not only for dollars but to improve the quality of life for anyone on earth. NASA constantly works on new robotic devices some of them are already able to reach Mars and bring scientific data back to earth. Sooner or later NASA will be able to create a super machine which will be able to travel to planned galaxies and visit other planets especially with the goal for human beings to learn and advance. Bringing back scientific data from other Planets will give huge material to scientist to find why humans die at certain age, how to overcome the health issues and live forever, how to create the perfect plane to fly faster than the speed of light, how to resolve the environmental issues on earth;

6.  Personal, spiritual and religious advancement: Human beings living in America can believe and follow the path in certain religion and no one will stop them to do so. You want to become a spiritual healer there are thousands prospective schools to go and train. You want to advance in your personal life, there are millions opportunities to choose from.

Today we pray and give our appreciation to all those Americans who worked harder in the past, who believed their children and grandchildren will live amazing lives in the future. We give our deepest appreciation to the US government organizations, President Obama and private sector companies whose goals are to help the environment, to help human beings improving the quality or human lives on earth by using the power of knowledge and to believe WE CAN.

Yes, WE CAN! To America and American People with LOVE!!!

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