Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mama Mia
Into Deepest Mind of any US Employer or US Recruiter

Article written by Terrans
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Mama mia my head is going to explode! I am looking and reading hundreds of resumes and searching for the right candidate for the open positions available. My mind is shredding the unnecessary data in a matter of seconds; the temperature of my head is rising, feeling my neurons are starting to broil. Mama mia where is this “candy boy” or “candy girl”, please impress me, seduce me, brake my brain with your sharp, overwhelming, magnetic  resume.  Hell no, I am already bored, reading the first paragraph of your resume, your objective has no sense, your first paragraph has the taste of a lemon, I am already on the second paragraph and I am screaming at myself: Shred, shred, shred!

What happened to the golden boy or golden girl like the superman or superwoman from the movies?! The US employer does not need to train you, the US employer does not need to tell you what to do, the US employer just needs to hire you and you the superwoman or the superman is ready to open the gold shower of profits for the US company you are working for.  It is simple but impossible to achieve to have this amazing professional who read the US employer’s mind, passes with glory the interview, start the job and overachieve anyone in the company. In a year or so, this employee has been offered executive position since the superman or the superwoman has the brain of three people and the energy of a hundred. In ten years from now he or she would be the vice president of the US Company.  Sounds too good to be true, it happens in real world perhaps 1-10% of the time.
Mama mia, the US employer thinks: bring me profits and profits, and the US employee thinks pay me the big bucks to move my “B” from my desk to the door! Sounds too harsh to swallow the US employers still can not find the right candidates they are looking for and the potential US employees still do not possess the professional and other skills required from the US employers. How to meet this fine line in the middle to get you the dream job, many potential employee candidates do not know and they blame the US workforce market or the US falling economy: “I looked everywhere, but there is no jobs”.  The fact is there are still open US positions but the employers shredded your resume because your skills or something else did not match what they were looking for. Therefore, you have not gotten any calls from the US employer since you have not passed the first stage of impression.

1.  Impress me:  Here is how any US employer or US recruiter thinks. You want the job I am offering, send me a resume with which a wind to blow in my face wowwwww, I can hear the words in my ears and my eyes start to burn your resume reading every little bit of it. You are almost there, your objective have to go, use creative writing not the standard format resume. Mama mia, cut the twelve pages super packed and detailed resume. Can you make me laugh; can you move me from my chair?!

2.  Do not think Huge Amount of Dollars think interview: I notice so many job candidates put their desired salaries of $50,000 and up in their resumes. To any US employer or any US recruiter this step sounds like: “Mama mia, I am going to pay you this huge amount of money at the beginning and in an year or so what will happen to my company, you probably next will ask for my salary?!” Do not put any dollar sign on your resume the shredding machine is waiting for your resume in seconds. In this case the US employer will not be reading your objective or the first paragraph at all;

3.  Break the ice with your personality not your certificates or degrees or experience: US market is filled with educated, experiences, overworked and overstressed professionals who are looking to be paid thousands and thousands of dollars but show little personality or little loyalty or little creativity or little energy and the list goes on. Mama mia, you want this interview but you even did not spend extra time to write me an amazing e-mail or amazing cover letter or shoot me amazing portfolio. Mama mia, the US market is hungry for the unique and personal and warm and funny and creative candidates. Why do you think the US employer looks outside of US for foreign blood or takes candidate who has no PhD or Master degree or any certificates? Sound bizarre but true.

4.  Do not blame your unemployment “luck” on US economy or on the US immigrants but look what you can do with it: Mama mia, I am hearing this excuse all the time. “The US immigrants came and bombard our beautiful country, aggressively taking our agricultural, financial, technical, and medical fields. Now, there is no job position open for me, since the immigrants stole it from me.” Another mama mia comment very popular: “How am I going to find a job, there is nothing left for me out there, the unemployment rate in California is reaching 12%, there is simply no jobs left. I want to be paid $70,000 per year and no one wants to hire me.” Did you know that in this US “bad” economy, many entrepreneurs start companies and succeed because they use the “bad” times to shoot high? Same happens in the job market, now is the time to find this great job, and now is the time to look for your desired US employer. Maybe your salary will not be the top $70,000 per year like you used to be paid 8 years ago but your new job will be much more satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable than your previous high paid job.

Mama mia, you will land your dream high paid job until the moment of truth comes and buzzes your skin with electrical shock telling you, where is my free time, where is my calm mind, where is my time with my family, where is my long vacation, where is my peace of mind. Then after the electrical wakening shock, you realize mama mia I got the $70K but still I am not happy because something deep inside of me is missing, the long desired rest, and long desired free time. Does American life make us robots and machines, the super achievers and running horses or is it us who can not satisfy ourselves with little salaries and living in balance and more peaceful lives?! Whatever is, US employers are still looking for these unique US candidates that will shake their companies upside down and make a difference, and besides the economy “crisis” we believe we live in. Now, make the change and shake the US employer’s chair for him/her to say: “I like this candidate, from the resume the letters, the portfolios, the e-mails; I want to meet him/her, and schedule an interview with him/her right now.”

What was your last interview look like and how you impress the employer to hire you? I would love to hear your stories here.


  1. Oh wow... great insights Terrans.

    In fact, as a nurse here in the Philippines, you have to apply first as a volunteer "without pay" and that is the first step you have to do because getting employed as a professional nurse, as a volunteer you have to be trained first.

    I applied in 3 hospitals as volunteer nurse and even though it is only a volunteer position, the slot is very limited for thousand nurses here so you have to undergo into tests and interviews. I was hired by both but I have to choose only one, i chose the larger hospital. But more than a week, the smaller hospital I also applied with called me and it was already a job offer "with pay". I undergone screenings.

    During my initial interview, I became true to myself to the point that the three interviewers were laughing so loud because I was telling jokes for that formal interview. The final interview was a tough one. I told the chairman of the board that I can do more things other than being a nurse... I told him all my skills and the like.

    At the end, I topped the screening among all hopefuls and to think of it, I was a fresh graduate then, I had no work experience and I was the youngest compared to others who have earned a lot of nursing skills and trainings for years. Me, I have nothing to offer at all but my confidence and willingness to learn my work. :-)

  2. Reading this entry, I must say I was lucky enough to skip all the strict requirements of a job interview. As I am working in a government school (as oppose to private schools), I didn't have to apply for my job. As soon as I completed my training, I was posted to a school and so my teaching career began.

  3. @Edmaration

    I like the way you executed your thoughts as well as achieved your final desired results! Your strategy of passing through your interviews, passing through the search for the right employer and mostly got hired in the end with positive results is more than excellent. I am happy to hear from your words that you are still excited and content working as a nurse in the field. This profession is very hard and exhausting since nurses in US work 12-16 hours shifts all day long (even longer) but they are the most important helpers to any US physician as well as in high demand. In the end the reward of helping a patient to recover has no price. May prosper be with you all the time!

  4. @ZA

    In some ways, skipping through the general screening process of any job position is good. It saved you time, transportation, stress and a lot of preparation. In other ways, gaining experience through the process of knowing how and where and when and with whom to talk, meet and apply will give you advantage not only to land the proper job but will teach you great negotiation skills.

    I am happy for you, you found a career you love and you are good at and may success be with you all the time!

  5. visit you today, wish all the best for you..:)

  6. Merry Christmas to you! I am not sure if you are celebrating the Holiday on this day?

    I tried to access one of your links to your blog but it has been redirected to hostmonster.com. I could not stay longer than few seconds on your blog.

    Hope you can fix the error and I will see you soon in your blog. Thank you for stopping by.