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Favorite Places to Visit in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles this mega town has long history behind. Exploring Los Angeles is like searching for the end of a flowing river which can be hundreds or thousands miles away deep in the ocean. Same thing with Los Angeles, I have been living here for many years and still I am wearing the hat of a tourist visiting new places in my spare time.

Talking about Los Angeles brings different emotions sometimes sad sometimes happy the mega city is full with mystery.  The city population is growing every day, new immigrants come to settle and develop their new future, new buildings are build and create new communities, new counties and little towns get populated with people hungry to make a living and find a better job.
17.8 million People populate Los Angeles including surrounding areas. The super town is divided by counties. Those little counties are actually cities themselves like City of Burbank, City of Glendale, City of Pasadena, City of Santa Monica, and those counties are governed by their own city mayors and are managed by the City personnel. Every county has it is own vibe and culture which brings enormous opportunities to explore and learn.

Los Angelenians are spices in a “soup” mixture of White, African American, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic and Latinos and other races of people.

The city was under Spanish influence in (1781–1821). Later the city culture was continuously changing under Mexican origin during years of (1821–1847) and the most recent changes which shaped permanently Los Angeles today came after the involvement of American culture in year 1847.
Here are my favorite places to visit:

Los Angeles Natural History Museum:  has such of great organized, simplified system for any visitor. I can spend all my day there and still find something I have not seen on my previous visit. The museum keeps a highly intelligent structure of updating its exhibitions regularly, providing yearly memberships for a family and special sectors for fun and entertaining classes or lectures designed to activate the participation and the thinking of any child.  The most mystifying, tremendous and entertaining for me exhibition is the dinosaur exhibition which has been upgraded recently and a new Dinosaur Hall exhibition is open in July 2011 to cover 14,000 square  foot of space twice the size of the old dinosaur galleries. There you can see different sizes of actual skeletons some of them found in different locations in USA. Those gigantic species existed during the era where the Planet was concurred by battles, defeat and extremely large predators. Those predators were fighting for every breath they can have and killed to eat not for pleasure.

A soft music of animal sounds was playing in the background and I imagine how as a visitor I am transporting myself into their environment with my imaginary time machine. This step would immediately put my life every second in danger if of course, I transported my physical body as well. A huge dinosaur was crossing my path  wondering what type of creature I am since my transportation took place in time. It teeth were the size of my fingers and it legs were tall like me 175 sm. I looked at it with a respect and fear thanks to my protective time machine costume which could not allow the dinosaur predator to eat me. Come kitty, kitty, come, you can not touch me. The experience is very real just like in a solid high-tech super graphical game I was enjoying myself exploring the environment of the ancient species with my imaginary time machine.

The next favorite place to cool off from reading, imagining colossal dangerous species in reality and learning about the history of Los Angeles, is China Town .
Chinese immigrants build this little city bringing their colors, food eateries, little Chinese shops packed with Asian style merchandize. Walking down the main street of China Town the entrance has this beautiful colorful dragon gate showing immediately I am transporting myself physically this time in real time entering the town of Asian secrecy.

Chinese connect their wisdom with nature and for a European like me, I am perpetuated to experience and feel the difference. Water fountains designed with dragons, sculptured with water wheels, glass eyes, color lamps to increase the moment of eternity. 

I am keep looking for a giant fountain to install inside of my house and talked to a Chinese store owner explaining how excited I am to see my miniature dragon fountain in my house working almost 24 hours per day. The Chinese woman listened and responded when you have a fountain in your house and the pump keeps moving the water, brings luck financially with money flowing inside of your house. Interesting I thought, I never believe in such of puzzling explanation but felt good after hearing this.

It is a lunch time, the Chinese restaurants and little eateries are on every corner. Vegetable soups or steamed rice and vegetable dishes, pork, meat and boba drinks who does not like Asian food! The time is passing by and I am heading towards back downtown Los Angeles for my skyrocket view.

Exploring Standard Hotel located in downtown Los Angeles is spiced with modern art, modern architecture with space shapes and colorful arrangements. Visiting the Yellow bar/restaurant and getting a cup of fresh brewed espresso brings moments of childhood.  Here I am with my time machine traveling again going back in my childhood playing with yellow objects in the park seating on the grass surrounded with April favorite yellow flowers. The breeze of fresh air and the moment of yellow perception hit my child’s play with a smile saying hello to the Sun. Back  to  my  yellow  designer  seat in the Yellow Bar of Standard hotel I am sipping the last drop of my aroma espresso and I am heading towards the skyscraper views.

This special place only locals know it is designed to bring you in the future of space, geometrical objects and fabulous atmosphere with gorgeous views. Going to the top terrace of Standard is like going on a helicopter tour in the sky. The terrace rooftop bar is seating comfortably on the top of the roof of Standard hotel giving me an option to swim in the Standard top roof heated swimming pool. Later, I can rest, lying on the vibrating water beds pods for a nap, dreaming in a water shaking mattress surrounded with 360 degree air and sky touching Los Angeles buildings. Then I have a salad and a favorite drink Dirty Martini and seat on the geometric chairs hallucinating through the sky and looking at the financial district of downtown Los Angeles waiting for the night to fall. The hip atmosphere is increasing when the Sun goes to sleep, then the night gives a romantic, seductive and exotic look of this place. Locals come with friends to have drinks and talk when DJ music plays loud notes in the air and bodies curve and rouse with elegance on the dance floor.

Feeling the momentum and wishing to preserve the flying, airy, wet, appealing, and bubbling slow movement just like in the movies I watch and I see everything in slow motion passing by. I am feeling I am on the top of my groove and I am loving it!

Late at night, saying goodbye to Standard, I am heading towards my home. The time past fast, my physical body can not visit all of my favorite places at once. I need to leave it for another day.  The exploration of Los Angeles feels always like the first time when I first moved to Los Angeles from East Coast many years ago, I was a tourist and now when I am taking these leisure tours, I am again a tourist but in my own city where I live. The knowledge gaining from Los Angeles History Museum, the time traveling in the dinosaur’s age, the time traveling in Standard Yellow bar and then “flying” in the blue sky “touching” Los Angeles buildings from the roof of Standard hotel brings the end of pleasure of well spend day.

The end of being a tourist for a day in Los Angeles has come when the night approaches slowly and peacefully to provide abundant rest of my tired body and a deep happy sleep.
Abiento, fe de borev!

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  1. Thanks for the advice you gave me. I'll try to not go deep into investigating things about the house or the people who lived there.

    By the way I'd like to visit someday Los Angeles and I will definitely go to these places!

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