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Puff Paff

Triple financial gain for foreigners and Americans

How to achieve financial freedom

Written by Terrans

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Puff paff my money is gone. I turn around and I do not know where it went. I wish money grows on trees. I have many trees around my house. Every time when I need some money I will climb on this money tree and bring some jars filled with silver and gold coins in my home.

At night, I will pour silver and gold coins in my bathtub and bath myself in the pleasure of delusion. During the day, I will spend all these full jars with gold and silver buying diamond pretty objects and decorate everywhere around my house.

Silk pricey carpets, gold plates forks and knives, silver and diamond chandeliers, crystal and gold objects and figures around my fountain, my greed will grow endless thinking more and more how to spend all of these money jars.

I am getting greedier now, let’s create a gold chateau with all those money jars then create gold gates decorated with diamonds and rare metals. The gates will be keeping my enemies out of my astonishing fabulous glittery gold chateau.  

Puff paff you hear a heavy Locomotive is singing and approaching. Every time when it takes a deep gasp a strong puff is bursting steam in the air and then a second of silence gives you the illusion of relaxation and in seconds a new puff is going in the air. This is the sound of your money puff paff today you have it, in seconds, minutes or hours later puff paff it is all gone.

The thing is you do not know how to preserve the time and have the silent moment; the moment where your money will be saved; your money will be preserved and secured in the bank, your money will not be spend for empty things. Puff paff, the locomotive is running with full steam and dominance and you keep going and working after the money and this silent moment of relaxation never comes.

Finding yourself in a puff paff moment, a moment of never-ending worries about money issues, money debts, money difficulties, and money moving through your fingers just like you are washing your dishes, money troubles with your bank, money troubles with your loan, people calling you at home looking for the car payment you never mailed. Puff paff locomotive is moving, steam bursting more in the air, more money out but no money in; the silent moment of relaxation and peace you are waiting for never comes.

Here are my financial methods I use every day to stay away from the puff paff moment:
1.        Money is a source to provide only the basics of your living as shelter, food, water and clothes, nothing more:  I know people are concerned they have no enough money to cover their expenses but the truth is you have expenses because you create them not because they come along and knock you in the head and tell you: “Take me, take me, please. I love to be your expense.” The disastrous rule is the more you make, the more you will spend even without noticing. It is human nature to spend and spend without need just because you have it.  Then the puff paff moment comes and the money is gone, you end up with all those expenses you created and no money to cover them. The more you think of money as a source to provide the basics of living, the more you will be in control of your financial freedom;

2.        Buy things you need, you can afford and pay off right away: Credit card companies love to lure you in their financial traps telling you how perfect the life will be if you shop infinitely with your credit card and pay your bills just the minimum required every month. Then you listen and carelessly follow what they say and for a bed of $800, you decide to pay the minimum credit card payment every month and you will end up paying 20% and up in interest and in the end of the year you will be paying for the same bed $2400. Poke the credit card bubble and start paying your credit card bills completely every month.  That way you have not allowed the credit card company to build the golden chateau and take gold baths every night.

3.         Stay away from financial obligations: I know especially in America, perhaps 60% of the population owns a house and has a mortgage to pay which means the bank owns your house and you own the bank the money for the house. You stop paying your mortgage when you lose your job, or something happens with your health, puff paff locomotive is coming and wipes out your home and financial freedom and your happy face. The secret to stay on top of your financial responsibilities is to pay double of your monthly mortgage payment. This way you will pay off your house 10-15 years earlier, you will give the bank profit of less interest and you will live free of major debt. It is not easy task to do but very possible particularly when you buy a smaller and less expensive house;

4.     Negotiate the best financial deals:  Puff paff I am negotiating my car deal with the dealership. The thing is the dealer wants to detach my skin away and I know how they do it and I am ready for the negotiation to low as much as possible my monthly payment and put down the maximum down payment I can. I keep negotiating and telling the dealer the interest rate is too high and my monthly payment is too high and I want to pay $175 for my Japanese car every month and putting down a lot of cash. The sales person goes back and forth to his manager and comes back with the excuse that the dealer wants me to pay $250 monthly.  Back and forth and back and forth, few hours later I walk away with a deal I love $179 for a car payment, a new Japanese car and puff paff my cash money saved for the car is gone. Same thing happens when I negotiate a house, I do not say bravo to the bank and accept the highest interest rate they give me, I do not say bravo to my real estate agent and I accept the purchase price he gives me. Remember, be firm when you require a financial deal and negotiate until you like the deal and the deal matches your income level.

Puff paff, the locomotive is coming but this time I smile and I let it go passing without affecting me and I know I am in control of my finances, I got the best financial deals available for me and I know how to manipulate my finances to the dot. Are you there too, or you are still experiencing the puff paff moment when your money is washed away from a rip off deals, scammers and spammers, unreliable and low quality contractors, banks and high interest loans. If yes, repeat the steps above.

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  1. Wow XD Honestly wow, I like it, but it also shows human greediness as time goes on, its really neat :D

  2. Your post was funny and I understand what you were trying to show... the nature of man and his greediness. Love the pictures.

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  5. great article! We (being people as a whole) are very greedy and tend to act before thinking when it comes to making purchases. Most often we do buy things that we do not need but instead things we want for a moment. This is what has caused the downfall of much of the economy because we drill ourselves into a debt that we cannot get out of. Beautifully written.

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  9. Wow! If Money really grew on trees..We will be living in paradise..The whole ambiance will be filled with richness.

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