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Five Important Things to know about Malibu

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Today Malibu is the cream of the pie, the royal city, the Heaven for living for rich and famous, the city has the most exclusive and luxurious homes in CA, the polished and breathe taking spectacular look attracts you and never let you go.
I started going to Malibu years ago visiting one of many golden beaches in the area. I was smitten by the splendor of this city, the clean air and cleaner areas, the stunning houses and tremendous happy faces of the locals.

Here are my chosen five important things to know about Malibu:
1.        Living in Malibu is considered prosperous and heavenly: Just by having the zip code of Malibu 90263, 90264 and 90265 you will be looked differently wowing your friends and contacts having the echo effect: “Oh my God, you are living in Malibu. Do diamonds are coming from the sky? How is there? Can I visit you very soon and stay forever?” The more higher on the hills or closer to the beach you are living the more dollar sign increase you will have on the purchase price of your house. Real estate houses for sale in Malibu are starting at range for townhomes as $329,000 and giving you creeps and shivering effect of $75,000,000.00 for 13 beds and 14 full baths mansions. Renting apartment or a house varies depending on the location, the size of the house and how far is from the water. Usually rent prices are starting from $2,150 per month and going up to the craziest rent dollar sign ever of 5000 square feet, 6 bedroom and 1.4 acres overlooking the beach house for the amount of $85,000 per month;

2.          Breath crisp, clean and moist, stuffed air from Pacific Ocean: Going out for a jog in the morning on the beach breathing and feeling the algae in the air, feeling you are on a separate island far away from the gas of the cars, the noise from people and pollution. This is how Malibu feels early in the morning you are getting saturated sterile air filling your lungs and performing inhale and exhale function. Then having a lunch on your terrace feeling the wind moving your hair and staring at the boats far away in the horizon barely moving in the Ocean. At night, you can take long walks around the city or on the beach forgetting about worries, misery, poverty and contamination forever;

3.          Malibu is at higher risk from nature hazards: Since Malibu is located very near Pacific Ocean, nature takes its toll and yearly Malibu is attacked from various storms. Heavy rains for days and a week can cause flooding effect and many houses on the hills start to slide and start to have structure damages. During the summer in very hot days, the dryness in the air and the wind causes fire in the bushes which spreads and eats all gorgeous houses on its path. Regularly during the year when storms and nature threads come along, Malibu Canyon Road is closed and many other roads are closed too. These roads are located deep in Santa Monica Mountains and are exposed to falling rocks and sliding ground masses when the rains and storms are violent and harmful towards everything around. Cars can not cross these roads until the storms are gone.

4.          Possibility of meeting your favorite actor or actress: I never been a huge fan or manic follower of actors or actresses and never wanted to meet and talk to them. During my visits in one of my favorite restaurants in Malibu I saw twice Pamela Anderson. Of course, I did not jump to the roof and screamed: “I want autograph, Pamela you are my angel!” I barely moved from my chair continuing my lovely conversation with a close friend and gossiping about the person we just saw. If you are huge fan of an actor or an actress or a celebrity Malibu is a good place to meet them in person and perhaps have little seconds or minutes of a nice talk with them as long as the star's bodyguards are not whispering behind you: “Time is out, now buzz off.”

5.          Possibilities of visiting museums, gardens, parks, beaches, stores, cafes, restaurants: I am still hypnotized by the attractiveness and the fairy-style look of this city. In the past, I jumped from restaurant to restaurant across Pacific coast line to know more about the architecture environment and the outstanding cool design those places hold. I was taken by the vibrations of Pacific waters and refined style of serving delicious food, superb atmosphere, and luxurious feel of existence. My list of favorite places is long, and will not be covered in this article but visiting Malibu still is one of my top listed attractions for relaxation and feeling in Heaven for a short period of time.

Malibu the princess of Heaven, the gondola of treasures, the crown of well-known royalties exists and every single day attracts tourists from around the world for visiting and abundant relaxation. Los Angelenians and Californians rush to have the lavish entertainment which can not be experienced anywhere the same way like in Malibu. The city is surrounded by Santa Monica Mountains, has a great location on Pacific Coast, and has good transportation and lovely views coming from connecting roads. Hills you can climb on and hike for hours, taking breaks for thousands of pictures. Cafes you can sip your hot tea or indulge yourself with fruit smoothie. Pacific Coast restaurants you can take a lunch break and mesmerize the ocean views. Sun bath and swimming in the nearest Malibu beach. Walks and learning in the nearest garden and museums. The list continues without expiration and provides the brilliance and the eternal existence of Malibu.

Feel free to share your emotions about any city you have been smitten by or even Malibu

Thank you for reading my article

Malibu this beautiful city covers 20 square miles of land near Pacific Ocean area where everyone wants to live and stay forever is a charming, clean aired and very attractive city. Long time ago, Chumash tribe called Malibu their home and name it Humaliwo which means the surf sounds loudly. Chumash native people occupied wide areas as San Louis Obispo to Malibu, San Joaquin Valley, and the four islands Channel Islands, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, San Miguel, and Santa Rosa.


  1. Very nice post... I love parts of Malibu and especially the ocean. :-)

  2. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your post made me want to visit Malibu!

  3. Thank you for joining. I am happy to see you in my blog. You may love Malibu or not be impressed by it with your first visit. In in end, it is all about personal taste.

  4. This is definitely a place of interest.Very impressive.The first picture reminds me so much of my native place ( sri lanka) .A typical beach scene.

  5. Yes, it is impressive. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. What a beautiful place!
    Very interesting article, congratulations!

    Have a lovely day!

  7. Thank you Claudia. It is very nice to see you here.

  8. Do you know the real beauty of our earth? Definitely, wildlife or biodiversity. They are actual living being of this earth but we humane being destroyed their habitat for our betterment, and most of the species of the earth going to be extinct before knowing anything about them.
    This is so late to protect them but still we have no concern or little concern for the protection of world's real resources.

    I am afraid that we have to bring our next generation to the museum to show them that once there are many biodiversity on our earth like these.

    Sorry for unnecessary talk but I am happy to write it here.

    Special thanks for the article as I like to read your blog.


  9. very interesting and informative post. thank you for the blog visit and bday greeting! :)

  10. Hi Yusuf,

    It is always nice to see you in my blog. I agree with you killing the natural resources will have a tragic end for humanity. I am not sure if we will be able, to go to museums either since the process of destruction already started. I pray to minimize the pain and suffering of many people around the globe who already experience the power of many natural disasters based on heavy pollution and industrial destruction.

    Thank you always for your great comments,

  11. A place with a good transportation will be an added advantage to the oversea tourist which do not have idea about the city.

  12. Hi Sann,

    You are right. The best way to commute in Malibu is by car. Thank you for visiting and leaving a nice comment.