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Immediate career advancement for women and men
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My muscles were cracking, stirring through the waves I created with my movement. The water was splashing, moving and hugging my body with gratitude and love. I felt I was using super physical strength to move forward and kept watching my breathing technique under the water which helped me to move faster. I learned to swim at age three years old. Remembering my dad was showing how to swim breaststroke. I bravely absorbed everything like a sponge and then still at age three I was moving like amphibian vibrating the water in front of me with my tiny little body using my tiny little baby muscles.

At age three the waves were looking humongous and impressive to me. During our summer vacations the family challenge in the sea was to cross   ~500 meters (0.310 miles) touch a bridge structure and come back to the coast swimming ~500 meters (0.310 miles) back.  I remember my dad was very confident with me to the point where his confidence was tested as a person swimmer coming back from the bridge saw me and screamed: “What this baby is doing with you in these deep dark waters, asking my dad?! How come you are bringing this child to a dangerous place like this?” I remember my dad answered: “She can swim perfectly like a champion!” and stopped swimming and looked at me with a confidence and a shiny smile!
I will never forget this first moment of confidence, ecstasy and most important my first shot of testosterone!

Testosterone the great source of muscle and brainy work, the great power any man possesses more than any woman. How men use this hormone to advance themselves so much our Planet Earth belongs to them.  Men these lovely creatures who are our fathers, our brothers, our boyfriends, our lovers, our husbands, our best friends how men are still considered the strongest, the most powerful, the most intelligent, the fastest and the most creative creatures on the Planet.

My life has been surrounded with men, my family members, my friends, my coworkers, my clients, now when I look back I realize 80% of my contacts are men.  I laugh at myself and believe my body is absorbed with more testosterone than a regular woman should have giving me a boost of a special taste to know how does it feel to be a man, how men think, how men succeed, how men fall in love, how men are free of worries and their lives are much happier with the way they are.

Here is what I have learned which makes me successful like a man:
     1.Boost your muscles instead of using your lipstick: Get sweaty, dirty and smelly like a man. Are you physical woman or you just enjoy spending hours and hours doing your make up and doing your hair. Turn yourself in a sweating machine. Feel the torque and the tire abrasion and smell coming from the tires touching the road, the perfection coming from the moving metallic parts of a Ferrari machine. Feel the human muscle strength, pull and pump up, the fast moving heart pulse as steady sound: tub, tub-tub, tub; the symphony of any hard physical movement, the pleasure to be in control of your breathing, the aroma of sweat in the air where all men go to train like the gym, like the football field, like the tennis court, like the shooting ground;

2.Think and act like a man instead of torturing and abusing your body: Are you in a self-destructing dark circle, pumping the diet pills one after another, diet coke and soda zero calories many Aspartame fake drinks per day, calories counting every day, hours and hours reading dieting and exercising books how to melt your fat away, torture after torture by looking yourself in the mirror the only thing you see is a big fat girl. Oh no, you are not USA size 0-8 so what?! Girls, come on get real, men do not waste a minute of torturing and abusing their bodies with empty costly dieting books, eating right with counting their calories intakes and divide their meals in portions, spending three hours in the gym just to get rid of their belly fat. Men are proud creatures with their bodies, they love how they look, how they walk, and they eat what they want and drink what they like. Men love their bellies, their grown beards, their messy and white hair, and their unshaved hairy bodies. Men love their sweaty socks and boxers during workout a testosterone flashing and bursting around their bodies frying inside of their blood, you can feel the power of being a man, the taste of free life;

3. Compete and fight like a man instead of staying shy in the corner and let your boss walks over you: Girls, tired of hearing thank you, you did a great job, getting those paper certificates above your desk saying you are the number one woman employee of the month or the year, having hundreds of thank you letters in your drawer of managers who nicely and politely say how without you the world will be empty place for them to be. Come on girls, wake up, simply this is called high level of emotional manipulation, high level of secretive disorientation over the knowledge every woman has, the knowledge to succeed and be rewarded for what a woman deserves.

A study about success and the American career professional market show 80% of women in USA are not paid the same level as men. Women are usually passed by for bonuses and promotions, they are usually secretly I called disoriented in the work force by not given a chance to advance, by not being noticed for their hard work and skill, by not given the desired salary, by not treated the same way as men are.

The reason women are not being really equal in the job market as men are is women are considered the family caretakers. They are the mothers of our children and as such they are considered less trustworthy and less responsible in the work place. In order to compete and fight like a man on the workplace to be given what a woman deserves, a woman needs special skills, having the brain and the body of a woman, the hybrid called woman/man who knows how to pick up her testosterone levels high, screams and show her teeth as needed, get angry and get the salary she deserves.

I can keep going and going to list any type of tactics but girls and women the world will be lost without you, men can not exist without you, men can not succeed without you and men can not create a family without you!!! Remember this, when you go out in the workforce your gender does not matter anymore, the more you think like a man the more you will progress like a man.

Important: Testosterone is used by many professional sports’ athletes as a steroid. It is considered sexual “booster” as well as mental and energy “booster”. It is a steroid hormone. Some hypothesis say high natural levels in men of testosterone lead to taking high levels of risky situations and succeed in the financial field. Of course, those are just hypothesis and not proof but if you look around you and feel what men feel you will understand why men are natural aggressors and natural succeeding machines! In some countries testosterone steroid shots are prohibited by law including USA. Also, testosterone can be found in different varieties as synthetic pills and only take those pills when consulting with your doctor!! In women bodies testosterone levels are ten times lower than in men. Do not take testosterone without a need, it can damage your internal organs and can lead to malfunction of your body functionality!!! Women, please do not go out to take extra artificial testosterone hormone, this is not what this article is about!

Tip of the day: Bring your level of testosterone high in you and fill your brain with the tactics above to progress in life and in the professional field.

Can you share your feelings your experiences in the workforce? What have you learned from your years of working and building your career? How have you progressed?

Thank you for reading my article your comments would be gladly appreciated


  1. This is such an inspiring and sincere post. There is so much hope, optimism and courage in you. May you be blessed with everything that you dream for:)

  2. Your memory of learning to swim was very sweet... I enjoyed reading about the bond between you and your dad.
    Women don't have to act like men to achieve success in life. Quite frankly, what matters is that you be true to yourself and operate from a place of excellence.

  3. Hi Sajeevs,

    Thank you for following my blog and leaving very kind comment. God Bless you and your family as well!

    Have a great weekend ahead,

  4. Hi Eliz,

    I am happy we have different opinion at least at one topic:))

    It is always nice to see you in my blog.

    Have a relaxed weekend,

  5. I have been working for around 4 years...I have learned that working and studying and be different and also be same..

    Different because the things you have learn from years of studying maybe cannot or not enough to be used in the working life now...

    However, after working you will be better in studying because of working experience will helps you to think more maturely.

  6. I find myself thinking that I hope my dad had thrown me into a pool when I was a kid, to teach me to swim. I read that's how most kids learn. I can swim now, but not as well as I want to.

    I've been told more than once, when facing a tough situation, "Take it like a man!" I recoil and take offense when I hear this. But you know what? I think now that may actually be good advice.

  7. Hi Sann,

    I agree having years of experience in the field helps you to achieve maturity which you can apply to your daily life goals.

    Thank You,

  8. Good Morning,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving very nice comment. The term "take it like a man" should not be taken as offense even opposite when you hear this term ask the person who is telling you this how you can approach the situation like a man. Since the person who is telling you this in a certain situation wants to teach you something and wants you to improve, learn from them!

    Thank you to stop by,

  9. Mental strength is the first and foremost thing to be habituated with any new environment. I believe time is the solution of any problem and we are just the slave of time.

    I just like to say "Survival for the fittest"
    Thanks for your great inspiring article. I always like to learn from you and your blog.


  10. Very nice and interesting content.
    I am also living in a "dream-city" and many friends are somehow jealous. However living in Dubai is not as it looks on the TV and feels during a 2 weeks holidays. I believe at the end of the day it doesn't matter where in the world someone is, it matters what someone makes of it.


  11. Hi Marc,

    Yes, we as human beings face the same problems anywhere around the world and it is up to us to bring on the testosterone in us and succeed.
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a great comment.