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Secrets above the mud
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USA Immigration Law
Written by Terrans
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Protected Foreigners in USA –

The mud the darkest place to be of abuse, mistreatment, falling behind your bills, having low paid jobs and facing abuse at your work place, feeling in prison in America because you can not go back to see your family, lying on your application for employment, providing not legitimate social security number, using the identity of USA Citizen to find a job and be accepted at the job, using government help with your not legitimate social security number and not legitimate USA passport or not legitimate green card, the list is endless how the mud looks like, how the mud will suck your blood and brain, make your life miserable make you criminal starting with one innocent mistake!!!

Do not be a foul, a person who trusts anyone who tells you go ahead lie on your employment application, buy not legitimate documents as USA passport, USA green card, social security number and DMV driving license. Keep lying and cheating until you turn yourself into a criminal by USA laws not only by USA immigration law you officially will be criminal sooner or later caught facing a trial, having enormous attorney’s fees to pay, losing your business and your houses because your attorney fees are skyrocket, your family being living in horror and fear because you will be deported without a doubt and your family will have no support to survive.

This is the mud and many foreigners allow themselves to fall in the mud, they do a single innocent mistake which leads to series of unlawful mistakes which brings a river of lies and falsified documents, living the life of someone else, welcome to the mud where hell is the ruler and you just lost your soul!!!

I recently read on Yahoo news an immigration story (which is one of many like this) of a man who came to USA and has been illegal ever since. This man have lived a life of lies, from day one once he made a decision to stay, he got the identity of a USA Citizen creating a passport with this identity his life became a peaceful and happy for a while until the moment of truth and the embarrassment and misery he has to face now. This man applied for a policeman job with his not legitimate USA passport somehow he was able to pass all the police requirements and exams and became a well known and respected for his hard work policeman.

One day, his not legitimate USA passport expired and he could not renew it, he was caught by the police the same place he was working for. Now this man is facing deportation and long trial of investigation and misery, pain and embarrassment to his coworkers and friends who trusted him, to his boss who hired him without knowing, to his family because he can not support them anymore and be there for them. There is nothing worse than the mud, falling down and bury yourself alive, the mud of hell exists and must be avoided at any cause!!

Important: Follow the secrets above and memorize them. Every time when someone tells you things which are too good to be true, remember the mud and how it feels to be buried alive. You will get your green card without a need to break the law. It is that easy!!  

You can read the article here:

Here are my valuable secrets I learned which will help you to survive as a foreigner in USA:
1. Do not EVER be late with your immigration application: Foreigners get burned because they forget to apply for an extension of their visa or apply for change of status. Do not wait until the last week of your visa or status expiration date. It will be too late, you need to leave USA and reapply for a new visa from your home country;

   2. Do not EVER overstay above your expiration date of your visa or change of status even with one day: Depending on the time a foreigner overstays, the USA immigration law is extremely strict!!! Once you leave the USA you will not be allowed to reenter the country because you overstayed. The more you overstayed, the more years you need to stay in your home country. You will be facing skyrocket attorney fees, years of paying extra fees, changing lawyers after lawyers, facing denial and rejection from the law system, emotional, financial and self-destruction crisis and there is higher possibility you may not get your green card. Think about the consequences before taking the wrong path and jumping into the mud!

    3. Do not EVER listen to your family, your country peers, your neighbors, your American friends about your USA immigration situation: Your family, your American friends, your neighbors, can be very good people but usually they have no clue what the USA immigration law says, they have no clue what you will be facing after you break the law, they have no clue how by lying and cheating you may never be able to get your green card even with hiring a good lawyer. That is why get professional help early from USA immigration attorneys, USA immigration consultants, professionals who know the USA immigration law and can provide you with the proper information;

4. Do not EVER marry for the green card: Marrying a USA Citizen for the green card is a fraud. You will be deported with no possibility to come back and your USA Citizen friend/husband/wife will be charged many fees and facing prison for participation in a fraud. You also are risking your own health and your own freedom by marrying someone who you do not know. He may abuse you, torture you, blackmail you, never show up on the day of the approval of your green card, spit on you the way she/he wants, manipulates you to the point of money exhaustion, financial crisis, health crisis and possible self-destruction, welcome to hell you are in the mud!! Why fallen into the mud if there are other ways and legal possibilities for you, use them and do not allow yourself to be buried alive in the mud!


  1. Hi Terrans !

    This is very informative and helpful for those who wanted to go to the U.S. Great blog ! I followed you on NetworkedBlog.

    Best regards,

  2. I thought I was following you I am sorry that I wasn't but am now. One thing you left out is laws are always changing, like marrying for a green card is now nearly impossible to do, last I heard, and I say heard because I am not an immigrant but, my husband and his family is. This was extremely informative though. Is there specific foreigners you are aiming this at? I didn't see a translate button so I was curious.

  3. Thank you Elvie for your kind words and your support.


  4. Hi Jennie,

    I agree, laws are constantly changing and the list is also current.

    I do not aim a specific group of foreigners or specific country which the list is valid for.

    The article goal is to protect and educate any foreigner a potential immigrant from any nationality and it is made to save time, money and pain going through the immigration process but the wrong way.

    The USA immigration laws are valid for any foreigner besides his/her home country origin or color of the skin and equally applies to any legal or illegal alien.

    The example of the policeman is just example I used to analyze how the law applies and what dangerous situations to avoid.

    The translation button is actually in the bottom of the blog.

    It is always nice to see you in my blog

    Thank you to stop by and leave a comment,


  5. Ya know how I feel? With the current economy and such, as we all know and face the current reality: is that Lying is just being creative in order to get what you really want. I hate to say that, but it's like the bad guys win and the good guys don't. We all have rights, and the justice system is just a system to be creative and win against it. Just be creative and you can win anything.

  6. Hi Jackie,

    I understand your opinion about the justice system. It is not only how creative you are to win a case.

    To lie and to create are two very opposite and different things! Otherwise, I will be calling the policeman “very creative” person and applaud him for his actions. Congratulations you just got a new “creative” US passport!

    Of course, there always will be good guys who loose and bad guys who win. We live on Earth not on Heaven. If the bad guys won all the time, there will be anarchy where the underground crime rules and tortures the civilians. Then me and you should look for protection and immigrate in different country because there will be no justice to be served.

    Thank you to stop by and leave a very good comment


  7. The information you provided here is the real image of immigrants. I think every immigrant must consider all points you mentioned above when they are going to take any decision.


  8. This is very informative. tho I don't have plans on going to the USA, this make me understand the life of the immigrants and process they are going through.


  9. Thank you Mannoy for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. I really hope a foreigner who has intentions to come in USA will read and understand my articles before making the wrong decision.

  10. Hi Terrans

    This is not about your blog or website, just a friendly visit to you personally. I didn't hear from you for a very long time and for some reason I miss your visits. Hope you're doing well.


  11. Hi Johanna,

    It is so nice to see you stopping by my blog. I miss visiting you as well! I posted on you blog to say hi and see your latest stunning work and would love to keep in touch.

    Best of All,