Monday, April 4, 2011

My First Kiss with New York

Written by: Terrans

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My plane arrived at JFK New York airport after fourteen hours of non-stop flight. I looked through the windows and took many pictures. Beautiful, I thought my goal was achieved. I finally made it to come to America!!

I passed through all the airport customs and immigration checks with a smile. I had no problem to be interviewed and the US immigration officer new I am coming to work through an American program.

I took a taxi and then watched the fast moving cars on the freeway, and the strange buildings’ architecture. I thought everything looks like a movie and I was the primary actress in my movie. How electrifying?!

Coming from Europe from a small country and very social culture with many friends and a large family, a lot of traditions and happy moments together, the American cold environment was a perplexing thing to me.
I came through a program, assigned to work for an American employer and by the program I needed to complete one week training in New York.

The taxi arrived at The New Yorker hotel. I remember the dark, grey terrifying building it looked just like in some of the horror movies I have seen and I thought how frightening and majestic at the same time everything around looks to be.

At the hotel we had an orientation program and I was directed to my hotel room. I still keep my hotel key cards even I should return them to the front desk. I know now, the hotel changes the cards for security reasons but those cards mean a lot to me.

During my one week stay in The New Yorker hotel I was assigned to have a roommate and met my first short term friend a Russian girl Sveta. She called herself “Chocolata”.

We started talking some new language between English and Russian. It was fun when we could not understand each other in English we communicated in Russian. I felt incredible, instead of feeling fear crawling through my veins poisoning my mind and body with negative dust I felt the opposite, the world was mine and I am the queen of New York that night, that special night of my first kiss with New York was only mine!

It was evening, the summer of August, 1996. I will never forget this year. I had two large suitcases – Oh, boy, why I took those with me all of my belongings such of great preparation. I spent enormous hours of preparing my possessions packing my stuff, now I think what a waste of time and energy!

Sveta suggested let’s go out and explore our first evening in New York. We were so thrilled, to get the first fresh air after the long flight, the breeze coming from New York streets, the smell of stone and gas, the fast moving cars, I watched and whispered: This can not be real, it is not real!

People were walking by us with frozen faces and unconventional outfits. The street looked without end, cars everywhere, lights everywhere, high sky kissing each other buildings, the night was approaching and I still believed it was not real.
We went back in the hotel and I rushed buying phone cards calling my mom and my best girlfriend.

Anyone was waiting to hear from me, the good news I am alive and made it through the difficult flight.

I still turn back in my memories and see how brave and “crazy” I was to come by myself, young and vulnerable. Who knew my new starting life in America will not be covered with red roses, champagne and caviar all the way through my walking path.

The lights on the streets were going down, the cars stopped moving, I guess it was around 3:00 a.m. New York time in the morning of Year 1996 when I finally concluded: I am who I am, the hunter of my dreams, the master of realization and final completion and I left my first kiss with New York to be the innovative bright start of my new life in America!
At this time I realize, my dream kept me alive and strong to start over my life and the exhilaration of trying new things, having new friends, exploring American culture, hating and loving America, changing towns I lived in, changing employers I had, changing visas I finished, and this was the passionate new life I ever wanted!

Lights out, myself and Sveta went to bed, could not sleep and kept talking about America and how wonderful everything looked to be. “Chocolata” was experienced foreigner; this was not the first time for her. She never wanted to live in America permanently; she just loved the rush of adrenaline in her blood, pumping blood faster and faster through her veins, increasing her heart rate, just like a car racer. Sveta was living out at the moment changing programs after programs.
I thought about us how different we are, accepting my ambitious creature with love and kindness.

Have you experienced a moment of delight, when you felt this is what you ever wanted? Can you share your tremendous moments here with me? Have you left your home to start your dream life somewhere else and what was the first captured moment you ever had?


  1. My dreams are going to America ang europe some day. Hopely realize.. I am looking for luck..
    Every big moment had a great meaning for better life..
    Keep post brother.. you have a special talents..
    I am not to good in this..
    thank regards..

  2. Hi Defuture,

    I am happy you liked my article! Thank you very much for your kind and sweet words.


  3. A really beautiful story of your experience Terrans. :-)

    I must say that I have been to many places around the world and I always thought I would "find happiness" somewhere else. But my moment of insight, you could say, actually came when I realized that no matter where I go I'm always with me. Meaning that it does not matter where I am as long as I'm happy with who I am. And I can't search for happiness or content outside myself, because true happiness comes from within. Therefore I'm now at ease with living in the same city I grew up and pursuing my dreams from here. Wonderful feeling! :-)


  4. Good Morning Alexa,

    Yes, this is wonderful feeling when you are very happy with whom you are and without it you will not be successful. Imagine you carry this dark cloud inside you; it does not matter where you move to live, and it will follow. Same with me, I always understand and approve myself first and then I realize my dreams. For me happiness is a stage of understanding better my inner side.

    Thank you to open the door to know more about you,

  5. I love your recounting.So beautifully written.I too left my native country to be with my husband who has been employed in the middle east for the last twenty years.At the beginning I felt home sick but gradually with time ,I learnt to adapt to my temporary home.You can read my experiences adapting to my new surroundings here.cheers!

  6. Hi Aynzan,

    Thank you for your kind words. I definitely will come to explore your another blog and learn from you and about you as well as from your experiences.


  7. Hi Terrans,

    This Island Vacations enthusiast really love your great article! The lines are superbly-written- the work of a seasoned writer. The pictures are very nice, it's pace with the texts are so comfortable- a product of careful planning. How I wish I can also visit America! Now I have an inspiration in writing my next article, share also my visit to Spain last April, 2009. Thanks for the post...

  8. Good Morning Edelito,

    Thank you very much for your kind and sweet words. I am happy to hear you like my articles and my articles are somehow source of inspiration for you.
    I will stop by to read again your great blog very soon.
    Have a wonderful week,

  9. I can't but finish your article.Actually, I am not able to express myself like you. It's truly amazing description of your first America visit. I am also outside of my country but my feelings for my country is still knocking me again and again and I am not getting any feelings to write something about Beijing but hope, one day I will be somewhere else and the feeling will be like you to write something.



  10. Hi Yusuf,

    I understand your feelings. Changing the environment of living in a foreign land is always connected with emotional turbulence and physical and mental transformation. Only through many years of living in American foreign land, my emotions and feelings came in place. Ten years ago my synchronous connections were missing.

    Thank you for your beautiful comment,


  11. I was requested to train in America for the migration of our database to a different system. I don't know what came up to the head of the immigration officer in the US Embassy and denied me visa. So instead, I landed in Singapore for the training. Tough luck but I'm still as happy cause I love it here in my country.

  12. Hi Mannoy,

    I am sorry to hear your visa was denied. There is no perfect formula or simple explanation of why US immigration officers deny visas. I will be posting an article covering some of the information needed to protect anyone from possible denial of US visa or change of US status.

    All my Best,
    Thank You,

  13. Thanks for the article, I have always wanted to go to new york and this gives me a boost

  14. You are welcome. New York is enormous place. To keep you walking a map, snacks and extra shoes would be helpful. Say “hello” to The New Yorker hotel from me :))

    Thank you for following me,

  15. I enjoyed this post very much and your pictures are beautiful. My memory of my first day in the USA is somewhat different but it was exhilarating too. I'm glad I found your blog again. I have subscribed by email.
    Happy Sunday!

  16. Good Morning Eliz,

    It is very nice to see you visiting my blog and very nice to hear you enjoyed this article.

    Thank you to stop by,