Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Factor “X”

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Written by Terrans
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I call it factor “X” the unknown and invisible future; the future where you have no security, no protection, no guarantees. The factor “X” is something in life where you work very hard to get it and the results 50/50% can lead to failure or success.

This is how any government works. When you deal with the American government, you need to expect 50/50% results. The factor “X” is very precise and applies in mathematics when any equation or formula needs to be followed strictly, calculating precisely to have a certain correct result.
In mathematics the factor “X” applies in the beginning of your analysis and when you reach the point to have a correct precise result 100 % guarantee is certain.

Same rule applies to USA Immigration law; you have the factor “X” in the beginning of your application process and 50/50% guarantee until you turn the world upside down and get to the point of 100% accurate result.
America is flooded with legal and illegal foreigners. Some foreigners come with honest and responsible intentions; others try to enter with cruel and hidden criminal thoughts.

To protect its own American citizens from threat and danger USA immigration law offices constantly work to improve, correct, replace, and remove the rules and regulations in order to eliminate the possibility of threat caused by any foreigner entering American borders.

Resolving the factor “X” is the most complicated part to any foreigner when applying for USA visa or USA change of status. Even your intentions are sincere and honest; your visa still can be refused.
Here are the most important factors needed in order to be approved for USA visa or USA change of status:
1. Transparency:  
Transparency is the purity in our drinking water. You have some metals which can reach higher dangerous values and should be eliminated and you have other metals which are accepted to stay in the water and not be highly purified by the local water district.

The same way, USA immigration officer looks at your application when you are applying for USA visa or USA change of status.  He thinks if you are transparent enough and pure enough to be allowed the privilege to enter the American border;
1. Honesty:
Think of it as showing your good intentions in front of USA immigration officer. This means no dishonesties are allowed, no misrepresentation, no questions left unanswered, no hidden information kept.

Honesty with your application will show high integrity and high level of responsibility taken from you and will be considered very positively in the process of your approval.  For example: if your visa was denied before, do not leave the question blank or misrepresent and pretend that it never happened. Answer honestly, your visa was denied and write down the reasons if you know, why your visa was denied on your next application. Same honestly rule applies to any questions about having criminal record, questions if you have relatives in USA. Absolute perfection and precision is required when you filling out the USA immigration application form.
3. Proof: 
You probably know the simple rule from movies and books; you are innocent, until proved guilty. You need to prove your pure intentions in front of the USA immigration officer and why you are very good candidate to get non-immigrant or immigrant visa.

The supportive documents you present need to be honest and real. No imaginary documents and imaginary bank statements allowed. Your supportive documents have to have a physical value as copies of banks statements, letters from your sponsors, any other letters particularly related to your non-immigrant visa or immigrant visa application need to be carefully prepared;

One of my first articles talks about burning desire to succeed. One term rejection for a visa or change of status does not necessary mean the end of the world. It can change the direction of your life and prepare you for the next goal but not necessary means a fatal dead end.
The factor “X” applies regularly in USA immigration law when 50/50% uncertainty exists in the beginning and with long way of preparation and long way of patience can turn to 100% positive results.

The burning desire to succeed somewhere else, live, work and enjoy the life in a foreign land will keep your goals accessible and sooner or later achieved effectively with cheerful results. Keep your fires burning!

Tip of the Day: Just because you are rejected once, does not mean you never will get to your final destination with blissful results. Following the three major factors above will help you to get affirmative results.
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  1. I agree with your word "Just because you are rejected once, does not mean you never will get to your final destination with blissful results."


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  3. I agree that rejection does not mean you will never get to your final destination with blissful results. The problem is that it does hurt my/our ego. It is our human ways to want to be loved and accepted. In my older years I can deal with rejection, when I was a teen I did not deal with it. I love your blog. I actually saved it to my computer. You have put a lot of thought and work into this and I am your newest fan, Jackie Paulson

  4. Hi Jackie,

    Rejection is the killer of self esteem of anyone and the secret is how a human being is using his/her other personal and professional qualities to eliminate the possibilities of rejection. I believe being rejected makes us stronger and makes us grow. Imagine all of our lives are moving without any obstacles and rejection, it will be too easy to exist and there will not be any growth.

    Thank you to take time to comment on my blog. I appreciate your effort very much.


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  8. Life is full of uncertainty. No one can say he/she is satisfied with his/her achievement. Our want has no limit but our ability to get something is very limited.

    I actually, don't believe in X factor your quality and enthusiasm can bring every success in human life.

    Thanks for very detail and resourceful article. Waiting for the next attraction.


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