Sunday, March 27, 2011

Narrow your search and take the next step

Written by Terrans

Protected Foreigners in USA

It is time to narrow your school search and after completing Part I to Part V career and educational guide, you need to concentrate on five schools and gather all the required information from them.

Request your student package to be mailed to you and write down the total amount for your expenses including tuition, food, transportation, rent and others.

Once you know how much your favorite school will cost, concentrate to find a well-respected bank which can provide the student loan to you.

Part VI of short series career and educational guide covers what to look for before applying for a student loan and which organizations to consider in order applying for a student loan.

You have questions and concerns you want to discuss and find answers for; this blog welcomes you to post them here.


  1. Most of the students are not conscious about heir school. I think to choose right school, parents should be careful.
    However, I don't like to face student loan, many cases it's a big frustration for student.
    Thank you very much for another informative post.


  2. Hi Yusuf,

    I agree with you student loan can be difficult to obtain but it is possible to get it! As you mentioned before, sponsorship from other organizations is a good choice too.

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  3. Hi Terrans,

    Nice to see you here....

    Education's loan has been very expensive nowadays....even the student like me also have to pay for the UK cost that has been increased year by year.

  4. Hi Sann,

    You are living in one of the expensive countries in the world UK.

    There are number of ways to pay part of your education by working part time if you have time and energy and by looking for a local organization which can give you grant based on participation in a particular project or based on your grade status in your school and even based on your family financial situation.

    I found this company located in London dealing with grants:

    Grants usually have many rules and requirements in order to qualify for them and may take long time to win/qualify for such of grant.

    If you an international student, you should investigate to see if there are any grants available in your home country, since probably many grants in UK are given to British Citizens.

    Check this web site, it has some good tips: for international students.

    Check your visa status requirements before applying for any type of job!!!!

    Also, if you are student from EU and EEA you may qualify for standard financial package like UK students are entitled too.

    I would definitely check with the British Council web site if you can apply for scholarship as an international student and what are the requirements to apply.

    Here is the link:

    I know students in USA can combine a scholarship, a grant and part time job in order to be able to pay their tuition and even take a small loan.

    Do not give up to look for a better life for yourself and I know it is very hard to go to school, work at the same time, and to deal with visas at the same time if you are international student.

    Spend some time besides your studies to stay strong and keep looking for scholarship or a grant for yourself and I am sure a new door will be open for you!

    Thank you for stopping by

    Hope this is helpful for you,

    You always can e-mail me how the things are going

    All my Best,


  5. You have avery informative blog.Thanks for dropping by visit and comments are very much appreciated.

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