Saturday, March 12, 2011

Choose wisely post graduation school or certification program

Written by: Terrans
Protected Foreigners in USA

Depending on your career situation sometimes is not necessary to have a master or post graduate degree. It will be enough to complete a certification program which can cost you much less in money and time than your master or post doctorate degree and would be well accepted by an American employer. Your professional experience and your certificate diploma can be combined together which adds value to your professional image in front of an American employer. The short series career and educational guide Part IV shows exactly what you will need in order to work for Microsoft Company as an electrical engineer.

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  1. Nice to see your one more video for the higher study in USA. Yes, Like you I also want to say professional certificate is better than upper level higher education in many sides. Specially, I am with that kind of problem, If I had professional certificate I would rather do a job to help my family but with burden of higher education I am still a student and need more several years to complete that.Thanks for your good information. Hope it will be helpful for many students.


  2. Good Morning Yolanda,

    Completing PhD or graduate study has many advantages! Certification is good when you are in survival situation and need to support yourself and your family and have no choice and no time to study for years. Therefore, since you are completing your master education right now, do not give up, you need to finish it! In part V I will give more information and point to more differences between having certification and having a degree. Thank you always for your support. Have a sunny day, Terrans

  3. Very informative blogs for people who wanted to move to the U.S.

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