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My Car – My Life

Written by Terrans
Most of the pictures are taken by Terrans
Protected Foreigners in USA –

I never knew cars have special value in my home country driving my dad’s old 1971 Fiat many years ago. My dad’s car is white as shown on my picture and looks very similar just like in this video: Nowadays, I think, my dad’s car would be a great “jewel” edition for any of Las Vegas Auto Shows available out there which I enjoy visiting often. 

Los Angelenians are very proud of their cars; they just can not stop showing it. Los Angeles, this mega city is one of the leaders in car sales, car trade and car collection in America. The traffic never sleeps on one of the busiest boulevards – Hollywood Blvd., in Los Angeles area as shown on my picture below:


In 2001, my passion for cars developed once I moved to live in Los Angeles, CA. On the next picture I took, you can see one of the busiest business areas in downtown Los Angeles:

Before 2001, I was living in East Coast and noticed the big difference in lifestyle between East Coast and West Coast areas of USA. As shown below, a charming style small restaurant building in a small peaceful town in East Coast.
During 2001, I went back to East Coast to bring all my belongings in California and had a chance to drive again on the freeway.  I felt I was on vacation, no stress, no cars rushing, and no competition. The road was abundant and quite:
In some towns of East Coast, USA the life can be very peaceful and laidback excluding the life in New York.

Back  in West Coast, Los Angelenians are high tempo biological machines.
We always compete with the lifestyle of New Yorkers. Los Angeles people have stressful lives, the tempo of living is rushing and braking the second for anything we do. Soon as I wake up in the morning and turn on the engine of my car, I am in electrically charged mood to compete. I am rushed on the freeway where all Los Angelenians compete with each other who first will get to the final destination called work.

The tempo of competition is so huge Los Angelenians can not stop completing trying always to go faster rushing to perform their hundreds duties during the day.  That is why having a car in Los Angeles, CA is considered a necessity as having a food on the table every single day. The importance to drive well and navigate yourself in Los Angeles, CA streets and freeways is requirement.

TIP OF THE DAY: Foreigners and Americans, who wish to experience the life dynamics in Los Angeles, CA area, can not survive long enough without a car as soon as they decide to settle in Los Angeles. The transportation systems including metro, buses and trains are well equipped and organized but are very time consuming. This is the reason why perhaps 90% of Los Angelenians drive cars and sometimes have more than one car per person.
My car became my life with advantage to get to my final destination being fast and being first!

Do you consider yourself a biological machine and in which area and how?



  1. When I was in LA I didn't dare to drive, lol! Way too much traffic for me.

    I love all your pics in this posts, particularly the one of Hollywood Blvd. Because I spent about a month living nearby, so it brings back memories. :-)

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Alexa, I agree, the traffic is just crazy! Once you live in LA there is no way to escape and the driving becomes a good habit. I am happy to hear you have been visiting LA and know well Hollywood Blvd. It has so many funky-unique stores and the popular part of it is the star walk, the picture shows a little bit of it. Thank you to stop by; it is always nice to talk to you, Regards, Terrans

  3. Your post brought back many memories for me. I grew up in New York City but once I got married, we decided to move west. Our first stop was Denver, Colorado and after a few years, my company transferred me to Los Angeles. Yes, the traffic is crazy there but it's just as bad if not worse, in NYC.

    I've always had a love affair with cars. As a matter of fact, the first new car I bought was a Fiat. That was many years ago and if I recall, a brand new Fiat cost $1800. :-) I've owned so many cars over the years that it would take an entire post to list them all.

    Thanks for taking me back to the good old days. I enjoyed reading your post.

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  5. Good Morning Robert, I am very happy to see you visiting my blog! I have a special connection with Fiat cars just like you! Before realizing my dream to come in America, my dad taught me to drive his Fiat manually. I remember how I struggled with his Fiat and I took lessons because I did not pass the driving test the first time. The funny thing was, my driving teacher was very aggressive person. I felt I am in a military training instead of just taking driving lessons. Every time when I practiced driving my teacher’s car, my clothes were soaking wet and felt exhausted after the “military” lesson was done. When I passed the driving test to get a license in East Coast, USA, I mailed a Thank You card to my driving teacher in my country to thank him for the wonderful training he gave me. I never thought I will become a good driver and will ever be able to drive in America but I did because of my teacher! Thank you to visit my blog. Stop by again, Regards, Terrans

  6. The car in the photo used to be popular in Indonesia.
    Thank you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect. I have also followed yours (no 7).
    Let's keep in touch.

  7. Good Day Nizam,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and following it! I never knew Fiat was popular in Indonesia. Thank you for this information.

    Regards, Terrans

  8. I also wish after finishing my study i will have my dream car. It must be red color by my first car will sports car.
    2...........BLOG COMMENT

  9. Hi there,
    Thank you for sharing your dream. I am one of many people who love sports cars. The thing is you may need one sports car for leisure and one compact car to go to work to. Sports cars consume a lot of petrol, especially on the freeway these cars burn a lot.
    Regards, Terrans

  10. hi there..
    Thank vm for visiting my blog and following it..that cool life..

  11. Good Morning Anvie,

    Thank you to stop by. I enjoy your blogs and I will see you again. Regards, Terrans