Sunday, February 27, 2011

Choose wisely field of study

Written by Terrans
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It happens every single day. Young adults have no clue why they study, why they enrolled in the College or University at first place, what they plan and work on their plan in order to be successfully employed? Usually, I get answers like that: I need my bachelor or master degree to find a good job or I study because without degree I can not find a job or I study because my mother or father are great doctors and I need to be like them.

Is this sound familiar? Do you research, analyze your market value, ask hundreds of questions and answer yourself without the help of anyone else without the influence of your friends, family and relatives? If the answer is “yes”, you use your head often to lead you to success, this is great, congratulations on that but if the answer is "no" and you are floating with the flow just like a boat in the Ocean without a proper direction and people from every corner can influence you and change your life direction, then keep reading in order to know how to set a direction for yourself, how to make it happen without the influence of your friends, relatives and family.

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong to be influenced by your family and friends but the more you learn to take a decision by yourself without asking anyone about it, the more you will be ready for the professional field to succeed and beat the competition!

You can perform the exercise from Part I and Part II as many times as you want and feel like it in order to be ready and prepared for Part III which is coming next week.

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  1. This video contains the real truth of present education systems and career. I believe right subject choose is the great way to get better career. I am pleased with this educational informative video. Thanks

  2. Hello Terrans,

    Excellent video! I would really be interested to see how people answer the questions in your video.

    Keep up the outstanding work you're doing!!

  3. Hi Yusuf,

    I am very happy to hear "Choose wisely field of study" short series career and educational video has a positive impact on you and your professional goals. Thank You, Regards, Terrans

  4. Good Afternoon Robert,

    It is always pleasure to see you in my blog. Thank you for the suggestion which will be taken seriously and thank you for the wonderful comment! Have a relaxed evening, Terrans

  5. Hi there,
    It seems that people every where are facing similar situation when it comes to taking higher education.
    It is very important that we act wisely in choosing the field of study.

    PS: we have followed each others' blog on Google Friends Connect, we would not be affected
    by Mybloglog's shutdown.
    Let's keep in touch.

  6. Yes it is hard to choose what you want to "be when you grow up". Therefore it's easy to study something you might think is "the right choice" only to find out it might not be at all.

    I think it's important to listen to your heart instead of following your mind sometimes. Because it's not easy being successful at something your heart is not in.

    Good job with your video Terrans. :-)

    Take care

  7. Good Evening Alexa,

    It is always nice to see you here. I agree with you, following your heart is always the best and then comes the long preparation process. Thank You, Regards, Terrans

  8. Good Evening Nizam,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. You are right; choosing wisely field of study in USA or anywhere around the world has the same obstacles. That is why this blog is designed to make the process clearer and easier. Thank You, Regards, Terrans

  9. Hey brother..thank you for following my blog, this educational video is so awesome, sorry if my english is'nt quite good..
    best regards..

  10. Hi Defuture,

    Thank you very much to take time and leave a great comment. I appreciate you stop by and the fact you are finding my video awesome!! By the way, your English is pretty good.

    Have a great evening,

  11. Hi ,
    It is fantastic, I will preserve this post for my son to go through as soon as he gets old enough to take his own decision.

    Keep going ...and yes thank you very much for visiting my blog

  12. Thank you very much for your great comment!

    It makes me very happy to hear the fact my video can be useful for your son to achieve his career and educational goals.