Sunday, January 30, 2011

My name is Terrans and this is my Blog!

I came in USA long time ago. My experience as a foreigner in USA taught me: to be strong, fearless, passionate, helpful, adventurous, powerful, aggressive, and mostly I learned how to succeed and stay successful starting my life from zero in United States of America.
My blog is a helpful tool for every illegal or legal alien (foreigner) as well as green card holder and foreigner who already became an US citizen and holds a passport. My blog is written for any foreigner-born person outside of USA, a person who has dreams, goals and desires to succeed in USA or just wants to learn more about the lifestyle and American culture in USA.
I always ask myself, why the life is so hard in USA, why the person who is not born here suffers so much, why the foreigner who wants to work here can not, why the Americans have privilege to work and foreigners do not.

This blog is for you, you the foreigner out there who want to visit, live, work, or immigrate in United States of America. My blog is designed to give you all the tools you need to succeed as a foreigner in USA.
Here is what my blog will cover:
Ø Simple ways to explain American immigration law;
Ø Tips for Foreigners Abroad looking to travel, visit, live or move to America;
Ø Tips for Foreigners looking for a job in America;
Ø Tips for Foreigners how to find a job in America;
Ø Tips for Foreigners to be more presentable in front of American employer;
Ø Traps and mistakes Foreigners need to avoid during their immigration status in America;
Ø Tips for Foreigners to find a partner;
Ø Tips for Foreigners to boost fast their English skills;
Ø Anything you need to know to succeed as a foreigner in America;
Ø Special sector will cover American lifestyle, American culture and differences, and anything else you the reader want to know

My blog is simple, you can read the articles I post and leave comments or ask back questions.

You  can comfortably seat, relax in your leather chair, grab your cup of coffee and communicate with me. Not only that, come back to visit often my blog for latest updates and share my blog with your friends and family. You also can e-mail me any time to share your concerns and ask your questions. I will try to cover any questions and concerns you may have and give an understandable answer in order for you as a foreigner to be prepared for the challenges to be an US Citizen in United States of America.

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  1. Hi.

    I have visited USA, was there for about two months. And although I did not work or plan to stay, I still had to have a VISA.

    So it's good that you share your experiences here for those who are interested in moving to USA.

    Take care,

  2. Thank you Alexa to visit my blog and share your experience and opinion. Glad to know you have been visiting. Where did you travel? Did you enjoy your trip? Keep in touch, Regards, Terrans

  3. You blog is really informative. I have visited here several times and i got it very useful for me. I am planning to move USA for my PhD degree hope i will get some information from your blog.

  4. I visited the west coast in USA. Like LA, Las Vegas, San Fransisco. And it was super fun! Especially Las Vegas! :p

  5. Hi Yusuf, It is always nice to see you here. Depending on your area of study, there are many different options to consider. Thank you for bringing out this particular question; I will post an article regarding this. Regards, Terrans

  6. Hi Alexa, Talking about super fun, Oh, Yes! Going to Las Vegas brings good memories. My dad came to visit and he was super excited, he stayed for a month but the schedule was heavy organized. He visited some famous places in California including Las Vegas, Nevada. My dad wanted to play the roulette. I was translating all the time, he does not speak English. It was enormous amount of happiness I experienced when he was visiting. His age did not stop him to try things that young people do. Thanks for sharing, Regards, Terrans

  7. Hi Terrans,

    Thank you for subscribing to my blog. I wish to know more about the US, I might stay there and land a job. I'll definitely subscribe to your blog.

    To life,

  8. Good Morning Ken,

    Thank you for subscribing to my blog.

    Have a great week,